With the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), BOC International (China) Limited was established on 28 February 2002 with a registered capital of Rmb1.5bn. It is jointly controlled by BOC International Holdings Limited and five other large Chinese enterprises, namely China National Petroleum Corporation, State Development & Investment Corporation, Hongta Tobacco Group Corporation, China General Technology (Group) Holding Limited, and Shanghai State-owned Assets Operation Corporation. It obtained the í░Innovative Pilot Brokerí▒ qualification on 12 May 2006.

With its head office located in Shanghai, BOC International (China) Limitedí»s network has expanded to 17 major cities in China, including Beijing and Shenzhen. We have also been collaborating with BOC International Holdings Limited, which was established by Bank of China in Hong Kong, in marketing, project development, risk management, and many other businesses. The key objective is to create a cross-border financial service platform, on which we can provide our clients with diversified and comprehensive investment banking and securities services.

The company has developed the following businesses: the underwriting and trading of renminbi-denominated common shares in domestic market (A shares), special renminbi shares (B shares), domestic treasury bonds, fixed income products, financial bonds and corporate bonds; asset management; financial advisory and investment consulting services, among other things.

After 6 years of establishment, BOCI has enjoyed rapid growth and build up a professional image and a good reputation within the industry.

The company also initiated the set up of BOCI international futures limited, which was established on the 21st of January 2008. Operations include future brokerage, consultation and training.

In the same year September, the company also obtained an unanimity letter from China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) to be pilot station for companies developing direct investments operations, this means that BOCI international Limited, after traders such as CICC, Citics, Htsec and huatai securities is the seventh security company to obtain permissive direct investment operations.

Gripping on the opportunity pertaining to the reform and opening within Chinaí»s capital market, BOC International (China) Limited is dedicated towards servicing the capital market, discovering and creating values, emphasizing on mutual growth with clients, making every effort to develop into one of the leading modern investment banks catering to both domestic and oversea markets, and endeavoring to make a better future, with the support from Bank of China.