Institutional Sales

One of the core values of BOCI China¡¯s Institutional Sales team is its dedication to intrinsic, fundamental value analysis to give personalized, professional services and create a win-win situation for both clients and sales.

BOCI China¡¯s professional staff are ethical, diligent, and dedicated towards maintaining the confidentiality of its clients, acting as the bridge between investors and the Research Department, making research products more practical and investment decisions more rational. The Institutional Sales team is currently focused on Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, delivering convenient and timely one-on-one service to key clients.

Its major business includes:
Organizing the institutional investors to subscribe to the new issuance of shares or CBs (including rights issue and placement)
Searching for market players, and completing block trading Providing valuable advice to institutional investors
Awards and honors:
In terms of QFIIs£ºBOCI China has signed agreements with 5 international financial institutions.
In terms of fund house£ºBOCI China has signed service agreements with more than 40 fund houses. BOCI China is a leader among brokers in terms of income from funds