Asset Management

Collective Asset Management Business

Collective asset management business is the business approved by the regulatory authorities through which securities companies provide specific customers with asset management services by establishing collective asset management programs and acting as the manager of the programs. Specific customers refer to the customers of the securities companies or the customers of their agents. Securities companies can participate in the collective asset management programs with their own capital, and should not be withdrawn during the valid period. The minimum amount for customers to participate in the collective asset management programs is 50,000 and 100,000 RMB for the restriction or the non-restriction program respectively.

Client-specific Asset Management Business

Client-specific asset management business is the business that securities companies accept the entrustment of a single customer, sign the contract with the¡¡customer and manage the assets entrusted by the customer through customer¡¯s account according to the terms, conditions, requirements and restrictions of the contract. The customers of the client-specific asset management should be the natural person and legal person compliant with regulations of laws and administrative rules or other organizations established according to laws. The entrusted assets of different customers are independent of each other with independent accounting, clearing and settlement, and management procedures. The minimum capital amount of the single customer accepted by securities companies for the client-specific asset management business should be RMB 1,000,000.

Specific-objective Asset Management Business

The specific-objective asset management business refers to the business that provides customers with the asset management services through special accounts with special investment goals, based on the special requirements and the assets of customers. Securities companies can conduct the specific-objective asset management business through establishing an integrated collective asset management program.

Investment Consulting and Advisory Services

Investment consulting and advisory services provide customers with tailored investment strategies and tactic reports, and as well as investment consulting and advisory services. Currently£¬BOC International (China) Limited have offered consulting services to several banks and trust firms.

Entrusted Foreign Exchange Asset Management Business
With the approval of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (Document No.10, 2007 of Shanghai Bureau of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange), BOC International (China) Limited can provide customers granted with overseas securities investment qualifications with the entrusted foreign exchange asset management service through the independent account management model.

Under the authorization of the China Securities Regulatory Commission £¨CSRC£©, BOC International (China) Limited £¨¡°BOCI China¡±£©was established in Shanghai on February 28th, 2002, by BOC International Holdings in conjunction with five leading Chinese enterprises. BOCI China was granted the license of innovative businesses by CSRC in 2006.

Based on the rationale of ¡°regulated operation, scientific management and innovative spirit¡±, as well as the international practices, BOCI China asset management business provides complete investment management products through building linkage between scientific investment management systems and the business segments, leveraging the advantage of resources, creating stable and excellent investment returns, differentiated and personalized wealth services for the customers.

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